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This is my commandment, that ye love one another,

as I have loved you.  ~ John 15:12


"We Gather to Worship;

We Go Forth to Serve"


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We warmly welcome you to come to the Church for any and all services. We focus on study of the Word of God in the Holy Bible, prayer, worship and praise, and continually learning and growing in the Lord's teachings, guidance, and Will.


We are committed to living a life of holiness and purity in keeping with the Word of God, and of loving service to one another and the community at large through ministries such as "In Jesus' Name" ministry for the homeless, nursing care facility ministry and services, youth programs, and senior citizen ministries.


History of the Congregation


In August of 1961 the Community Church of God had its beginning with a two week Bible School at 5740 Kirby Road, Falls Church, Virginia, the home at the time of our Pastors Emeritus Jennings Byron and Gail Wood. The average attendance was thirty-five. The first worship service was held at the conclusion of that Bible School. Major William and Mrs. Ann Webb were among the thirty-three in attendance. The Webbs faithfully supported this work from that time forth, Brother Bill to the time of his passing into the presence of the Lord in December of 2003 and Sister Ann Webb to the present. In the intervening years Bible School has been an integral part of the ministry here with attendance as high as 240. Our record Sunday School attendance is 340.

From December 1961 to 1966 our congregation held Sunday morning worship services in the Dunn Loring Elementary School. Evening services Sundays and Wednesdays were held at the home of Brother and Sister Wood and later at the Barcroft Community Center in Arlington. In 1967 the church building and property at 2438 Gallows Road was secured from the Dunn Loring Methodist Church. We met at this location until 1988. During those early years Sunday afternoon services were held at the Iliff Nursing Home and a ministry was begun in the home of Edward and Vietta Johnson on Cedar Lane where Worship Services each Sunday afternoon, Bible Schools, and Revivals were held for two and one-half years.

Our congregation was officially named “Community Church of God” in October 1962.

In February of 1963 Pastor Gail Wood made the first missionary trip to Jamaica. In November of 1973 Pastor Gail Wood and Sister Myrtice Morris made the first trip to Haiti, a fifteen day adventure for the Lord!

ChurchThe congregation acquired our present property here at 2500 Gallows Road on October 14, 1981. The parsonage next door at 2520 Gallows Road was purchased on June 25, 1986.

In September 1984 Sister Wood’s childhood vision was realized when she and Brother Wood and Sisters Cynthia Cash and Allena Wood traveled for three and one-half weeks with Pastor Ralph and Sister Gertie Farmer to Tanzania, East Africa.

From March 1987 to May 20, 1988, many dedicated, faithful people contributed to the erection of our new building. Our dear deacon at the time, Brother Harold Hunsberger, provided invaluable assistance, drawing from his construction expertise. The late Kenneth Farthing, a local businessman and friend of the church, also served as a key figure in the building project.

May 21, l988, was a highlight in the history of this congregation when the first service was held in our new building dedicated “To The Glory of God!”

In February 1989 Pastors Jennings B. and Gail Wood and Brother John Bailey joined our Haitian missionaries, Brother Nathan and Sister Wanda Bailey Dieudonne, on a border-crossing mission trip from Haiti to the Dominican Republic.

In April 1991 Pastors Jennings B. and Gail Wood, Pastors Claude Overbay (North Carolina) and Hoyt Runion (Tennessee) and Brother Wiley Cash embarked upon a three week mission trip to T. P. Gudur, Andra Pradesh, South India. This trip laid the groundwork for our congregation’s most ambitious missionary outreach to date, a vibrant work in the ancient land of India.

Since the beginning of this congregation, well over one hundred mission trips have been made involving over more than one hundred Gospel workers. As of this date our mission outreach includes Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, India, Nigeria, Guatemala, and the Philippines.

Home-mission outreach includes our annual Summer Bible School; the Lighthouse Bible Institute; conventions; Camp Crossroads youth camp; the Burnside, Pennsylvania family camp meeting; and the “In Jesus Name” ministry to the homeless.

Ministers of the Gospel who were trained in this congregation include Edward Beck, Brian Bridges, John Cain, Nancy Orr Cain, Peter Canciglia, Wiley Cash, Glenn Dryden, Allen Fletcher, Jack Reedy, Lennox Smith, Gary Williams, Garry Wood, and Allena Wood.

It is our prayer that God will bless each one who has shared in this ministry and outreach down through the years.


In 1887, a small group of first settlers of Dunn Loring felt the need for religious services in the community. Thomas Tudor Taylor, one of the first residents of Dunn Loring, encouraged Pastor O. C. Bell of Andrew Chapel Methodist Church to come to Dunn Loring on Sunday afternoons to conduct services. Pastor Bell preached in a grove near what is now Sandburg Street and the W&OD bike trail. Soon it became apparent that a church building was needed to shelter the Lord's flock. General William McKee Dunn and Dr. George B. Loring were co-owners and developers of the Dunn Loring subdivision in the late 1800s. General Dunn announced that he would donate some of his land if the people would erect a building. Thomas Tudor Taylor was responsible for erecting the building and for soliciting contributions of cash, labor, and materials. This building located at 2438 Gallows Road was known as the "Little White Church" and was home to our congregation from 1967 until we moved into our present location on May 21, 1988.



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